Suede Floral 60s dress, Japan | S

Pink floral dress with embossed velvet floral motif

  • Round neck
  • Short Sleeved
  • Knee Length
Suede Floral 60s dress, Japan | S


  • 0.3 kg
  • 1 piece only
  • Ships within 2 to 3 days


Bust 32" (82cm)

Waist 32" (82cm)

Hips 41" (104cm)

Length 36" (91cm)

Sleeves 9" (24cm)

Armhole 17" (44cm)


Size S

Fits nicely on mannequin


Mannequin is a size S to M: 

Bust 34" (86cm), waist 25" (64cm), hips 34" (86cm)

About this dress

  • Sweet pink dress with suede floral motif
  • Round neck collar
  • Back zip
  • Belt hooks
  • Matching belt
  • 1960's
  • Inner lining except sleeves

The Feel


Chiffon + Velvet motif

Polyester inner lining




1960's Vintage from Japan

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