Rainbow House 70s dress, Japan | S

1970's rainbow stripes dress on a sapphire blue background and white art-deco house print. Unique!

  • High angular collar
  • Half sleeved
  • Knee length
Rainbow House 70s dress, Japan | S


  • 0.2 kg
  • 1 piece only
  • Ships within 2 to 3 days


Bust 29" (72cm)

Waist up to 29" (up to 72cm)

Hips 39" (100cm)

Length 35" (89cm)

Sleeves 10" (26cm)

Armhole 19" (50cm) 


Size XS to S

Fits nicely on mannequin


Mannequin is a size S to M: 

Bust 34" (86cm), waist 25" (64cm), hips 34" (86cm)

About this dress

  • Sapphire blue vintage dress with multi-coloured stripes and white city-like print
  • Square collar
  • Sheer top
  • Stretchable waist
  • Belt hooks attached
  • Pleats on skirt
  • Back zip
  • Fabric vintage button at end of sleeves

The Feel



Bottom polyester lining




1970's Vintage from Japan



Boutique label from Japan

Serial number

Wash care instructions

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