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About Us

We are an independent vintage label bringing you curated quality vintage from the 1950’s to 90’s - handpicked from all over the world like USA, UK, Europe and Japan to name a few..

Frecklesais, pronounced as ‘Freckles’ + ‘size’, where each piece is like a freckle; unique, comes in different sizes, and one of a kind

Our motivation

Here at Frecklesais, we aim to offer an alternative fashion to anyone who want to be different amidst the modern mass trends by going green in style with our range of vintage pieces. For there is only one YOU, spoil yourself.

How to buy...

There are 2 ways to buy from us..

1. Contact us directly through the form above, email, FB or IG.. include the item number or screenshot of the piece/s you'd like to buy

2. Buy from our Etsy shop (all major cards accepted - not all items are on Etsy) Simply tap on the Etsy button on the item page to purchase

Contact us if you have any further enquiries

This website contains our whole catalogue where all items are available for purchase. They are categorised accordingly. However, this is not an e-commerce site. 

Some items are available on Etsy, some are not. 

If you're NOT buying from our Etsy shop, payment is through PayNow for local customers and PayPal for international customers.

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